The Greenk Tech Show 2017 was held on 23, 24 and 25 June at the Ibirapuera Biennial (the main park of the city and a very important venue for events). The event brought together a legion of technology and environmental enthusiasts to raise awareness and mobilize about the importance of proper disposal of electronic waste, the e-waste.



During the three days of the event, the staged and booths presented different attractions. From games championships to business talks and YouTubers presentations.



Discover the main attractions of the Greenk Tech Show 2017:


ESL, the largest eSports company in the world, brought to Latin America for first time , the ESL Arena.


At the ESL Arena, the best Clash Royale players in the country competed in the Motorola Clash Royale tournament. We had an incredible women’s championship of CS: GO, and the unprecedented FIFA Championship 17 in favor of social causes.


Open tournament of Clash Royale sponsored by Motorola.



Several visitors were able to participate in selective matches during the event and the final match consecrated as champion the player “King João” Nascimento, one of the Brazilians classified for the world championship.


“King John” took a Moto Z2 Play and $ 5,000 as an award.


Click here and watch the full tournament broadcast


TripleC (Champions Challenger for Causes), first time FIFA 17 e-sport championship brought together soccer champions and famous YouTubers for social causes.



Amoroso, Viola, Paulo Sergio, Luisão, Marcos Assunção and the Goalkeepers Ronaldo and Velloso faced the influencers Wendell Lira, RezendeEvil, gORDOx, and CherryGumms. The lack of skill of the soccer players and the unconventional narration of Beto Oven provided moments of amusement for the audience.


To learn more about TRIPLE C and make your donation CLICK HERE.


The ESL Arena featured an incredible women’s championship of CS: GO with the presence of the best teams in the country like Team Victory, Pro Gaming, Team One, and GG BootKamp Gaming. The exciting contests caught the attention not only of the gamers, but also of the audience who had the opportunity to see an E-sport championship for the first time. In the end, the winning team was GG BootKamp Gamming.


At the YouTubers Arena there were important influencers with a total of 23 million followers, such as RezendeEvil, Bruno Clash, GORDOx, Patife, Drezzy, Irmãos Piologos, Marcos Castro, Nyvi Estephan, Maneirando among others, in presentations that stood out for the participation and interaction with the audience of the event.


Those who visited the Greenk Tech Show had the opportunity to take photos and talk to all influencers and players who performed at the event. The space was free and brought fans even closer to their idols.


At the Knowledge Arena, lectures on new technologies and the impacts on our lives were presented, with the participation of Ricardo Garrido, from Amazon, Chris Junqueira, of NUBANK, Philip Klien, from Uber, Alexandre Mutran, of Verdejado, in addition to round tables with themes on the environment, technology and the economic and political scenario in Brazil. The event was attended by educational institutions such as Dante Allighieri, FIAP and Porto Seguro schools with presentations of stage content and student involvement.


An exclusive space for Drones test drive and workshops organized by Mirante Lab.


On Sunday, the last day of the event, the Greenk race and walk took place around the Ibirapuera Park with about 3 thousand people.




At the Greenk Tech Show people had the opportunity not only to watch the championships in the ESL arena, but they could also play in a free and dedicated space.